EVILFEAST – Elegies of the Stellar Wind, CD

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... Snowfall, trees wrapped in delicate white, swirling winds blow and wipe out ones sight after a few steps. Glimmering full moon, the forest eternally, yet resplendent. A silent sentinel has returned. "Elegies of the Stellar Wind" marks the 5th full-length for Poland's epic one-man Black Metal outfit 

Evilfeast. On the successor to 2011`s lowded, 'Wintermoon Enchantment,' sole member GrimSpirit hasn`t changed much on the band`s majestic formula. Sprawling, epic keyboard arrangements paired with cold and harsh walls of guitars and dedicated vocals whispering of old times and solitarity. Unfolding its layers track by track, the album unlocks a dripping atmosphere. At times freezing in solitude, at others resolute melodic with choral pillars. Enhanced like never before, these elegies reach an almost monumental peak. But there is also something beyond the surface of a much dedicated 90`s black metal record. Over 60 almost time traveling minutes, the eerieness of a construction that seems to remove the listener from its usual aural sphere and what dwells around, away from the urban life and being. This new output seems to weave all elements and melodies together into a texture of essential black metal to surpass the longest of nights. 

/Quote Eisenwald


1. The Second Baptism... Shores in Fire and Ice

2. Winter Descent's Eve... I Become the Journey

3. Lunar Rites... Beholding the Towers of Barad-Dur

4. From the Northern Wallachian Forest... Tyranny Returns

5. Archaic Magic... A Cenotaph Below the Cursed Moon

6. Inclinata Resurgit... Rebirth of My Noble Dark Kingdom

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