PIOŁUN – Rzeki Goryczy, CD

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Piołun is a black metal band inspired by the Scandinavian and Polish black metal of the 90's with a hint of nowadays black metal.

The band was founded by Sorh (guitars, vocals, lyrics) in 2019 and then joined by Vitor (drums), who was actively involved in the album's creation.

Piołun is the musical legacy of Oremus, composed by Sorh. Line-up changes as well as slightly dierent lyrical concept were the main reasons behind the decision to form a new band.

The founder of Piołun is also known as XCIII - the guitarist of Blaze of Perdition and Oremus, live-guitarist of Manbryne.

Rzeki Goryczy involves guest appearances by Sonneillon (backing vocals & lyrics for Blady Świt, cover artwork and layout design) and Ashgan (ambient parts of the album). Both musicans are/were a part of Blaze of Perdition as well as other

bands/projects such as Manbryne, Oremus, Exurge or Cień.

Lyrical themes revolve around death, nihilism, the fall of humanity, apocalypse and folkish take on satanism.

Rzeki Goryczy is 39 minutes of traditional Polish black metal with ambient elements.

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