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SKOGEN – Vittra, DigiCD

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This is a re-release of their debut album featuring new custom artwork as well as the BONUS track "Slutet".

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If you’re familiar with SKOGEN's later work, “I Döden” in particular, you can sense that this is where it all begun; as the album dishes out slow, somber atmospheric black metal with a mix of folk elements, it triggers something very mesmerizing and captures your full attention throughout the entire album.

This album, much like their later releases, should speak to followers of WODENSTHRONE and DRUDKH amongst others but stands very strong on its own accord without comparison.

1. Dimfärd
2. Skuggorna kallar
3. Eld
4. Ur mörkret hon kommer
5. Höst
6. Vålnaden
7. Skymning
8. Under fullmånens sken
9. I Skogens djup
10. Slutet (bonus)


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