Nechochwen (Walks Alone) was born out of the desire to explore the heritage of the Eastern Woodland Indians of North America. This journey began with the goal of connecting with people of similar ancestry through eclectic and atmospheric guitar music that tells a story. Early pieces like Fallen Timbers and Talgayeeta were morose acoustic works that painted pictures of some of the bloody battles and massacres of the American Frontier in the Eighteenth Century. Nechochwen’s unique approach captured the attention of Dark Horizon Records, and in 2008 they released the debut Nechochwen album Algonkian Mythos. The following year, Nechochwen was asked to contribute a track to the Prophecy Productions/Midnight Records/Pest Productions compilation, Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer. Nechochwen’s contribution, “Winterstrife”, marked a departure from the organic acoustic ambience of the first album, bringing in distorted guitars and more vocals than before. This turning point brought in Pohonasin full-time as drummer, bassist, and backing vocalist.

A solo live performance at the Heathen Crusade III Fest in 2008 expanded Nechochwen’s audience to fans of established pagan and black metal bands who could relate to the dark atmosphere and violent history associated with the debut album. Members of the Bindrune Recordings team were in attendance and saw in Nechochwen’s music a kindred spirit to other members of the Bindrune roster. Nechochwen signed to the Bindrune Recordings label in early 2009. As the potential for Nechochwen to encompass many styles began to unfold, ideas that were merely acoustic sketches took on a new life. Haunting steel-string passages found new homes within eclectic black metal and doom metal frameworks. Classical guitar ensemble pieces began to sit alongside upbeat acoustic anthems, ebow drones, distorted guitars, and Native American Flute playing. The band’s fascination with ancient Native death cults and burials guided by celestial bodies and events culminated in the hour-long sophomore release, Azimuths to the Otherworld, Nechochwen’s first album for Bindrune Recordings.