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AGALLOCH – Pale Folklore, DLP (Trifold)

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Exclusive Scandinavian edition! White/silver vinyl, limited to 100 copies.

Nordvis is proud to be a part of this highly ambitious and meticulously crafted reissue of Agalloch's “Pale Folklore” (1999), courtesy of our German partner Eisenwald. The Scandinavian edition comes on white/silver double-LP packaged in a triple gatefold with gold print and black poly-lined inner sleeves. Includes a twelve-page booklet.

With their debut album, Agalloch not only introduced themselves to the world but also laid the groundwork for their remarkable artistic journey. Channelling the wistful woodland magic of early Ulver, the melancholic gloom of old Katatonia, and the sublime grandeur of Fields of the Nephilim, “Pale Folklore” weaves an intricate tapestry of nostalgia and atmosphere. The intertwining guitar melodies soaring through the impeccable soundscape transport listeners to realms where the night sky shines with ethereal brilliance – where campfire tales come alive and the unadulterated splendour of nature eclipses mankind.Exclusive Nordvis Scandinavian edition, limited to 100 copies on white & silver vinyl.

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