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NORDVISOR – Ett samlingsverk från Nordvis, DLP (Multi-Colour)

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Artikelnr: NVP207LP
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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Nordvisor - Ett samlingsverk från Nordvis
Release date: 2024-08-02
Spec: Multi-Coloured Double Vinyl (Black & Gold, Black & Copper) • Poly-Lined Innersleeves • Premium Gatefold Jacket • 8 Page 12" Booklet

“Nordvisor” is the inaugural chapter in a series of vinyl releases chronicling the musical essence of Nordvis and the artists whose passions fuel its fires. It focuses on analogue, folkish expressions – distilling the melancholy and beauty inherent in the wilderness, transforming them into music that resonates with the primal force of nature itself.

Born from a vision of collaborative creation, “Nordvisor” steps beyond the conventional compilation format that assembles rare and unreleased tracks. Each song is a bespoke creation, tailored specifically for this project, reflecting the communal ethos and artistic integrity of the participants.

“Nordvisor – Ett samlingsverk från Nordvis” will be released as a double LP, featuring a premium gatefold sleeve with Pantone elements, an 8-page, 12-inch booklet, and multi-coloured vinyl.

This release is not merely a label sampler but a celebration of Nordvis’ heart and soul, forming a mosaic of connections between music, landscape, and the human experience. It features exclusive material from Örnatorpet, Bhleg, Blood and Sun, Hagathorn, Grift, Over the Voids, Fields of Mildew, JoDöden, Undantagsfolk, Prag 83, Sons of Crom, Draugurinn, Varde, Saiva, and Forndom.


Örnatorpet - Dimhöljd
Bhleg - Livets ådra
Blood and Sun - Where Rivers End
Hagathorn - Cavall's Courage
Grift - Änkornas berg
Over the Voids - Niszczyciel szeptów
Fields of Mildew - Dire Straits
JoDöden - Kantrad skuta
Undantagsfolk - Sorgeö
Prag 83 - The Triumph of the Heart
Sons of Crom - Maa Kaatuu
Draugurinn - Helgafell
Varde - Blåved
Saiva - Ödemarksbon
Forndom - Gro

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